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WIAW #48: Behind the Instagram

This WIAW is all about the eats I’ve been showcasing on Instagram lately, and telling you the stories behind the Instagram of mouthwatering photos. Like this one of a typical at-the-office breakfast for me, a Baked Quinoa Flax Cake with chocolate chips and peanut butter. I tend to enjoy this alongside a cup or three of decaf coffee, with some fruit to follow. I’ve always enjoyed dessert for breakfast, and now that I’m off oats I thought I’d be trying all my oatmeal cake flavors out with quinoa flakes, but I’m still not tired of the PB&C combination.




Quinoa Cake with Peanut Butter and Chocolate



What you don’t know is that, when I’m using peanut butter packets instead of a jar of peanut or sunflower seed butter, I actually cut open three sides to scrape every last bit out. I need all the energy I can get!



Baked Quinoa Cake and Peanut Butter




On weekdays, lunch is usually a boring desk salad, a slice of frittata, or a jumble of afternoon snacks. Not much of that is Insta-worthy, so what you see when I do post is probably from a very occasional trip out to the Little Beet for a treat, usually when I’m meeting a friend for lunch. My midday posts tend to happen on weekends, when brunch reins supreme. Eggs, anyone?



Green Kitchen Frittata 3

EJ's Omelet and Fries

Pascalou brunch eggs and smoked salmon





I try to be discreet about Instagramming when I’m out to brunch or dinner on weekends, but since those are the most photo-worthy meals my friends and boyfriend have learned to let me snap a quick picture before I put the phone away and we tuck into our food. Sometimes making it look as mouthwatering on screen as it is in real life can pose a challenge. So given my one-and-done strategy, I’m always surprised when these photos turn out well. Cases in point are the duck breast I had at our Super Bowl bar, and a market plate at Candle Cafe.




Draught 55 Duck Breast, String Beans, and Garlic French Fries

Candle Cafe Market Plate




As for dessert? Well, as I said, I often eat my desserts for breakfast. This microwave pumpkin scone is popular both morning and night, as is my Banana Peanut Butter Chip Breakfast Sundae. There’s always ice cream from Emack and Bolio’s in the mix. The key thing is that I might post what I had for dessert the next morning, or what I had for breakfast in the evening as dessert, because it could very well be the same exact thing. 




Microwave Pumpkin Scone Instagram


Banana Peanut Butter Chip Sundae


Emack and Bolio's Ice Cream and Sprinkles





I hope you enjoyed finding out about what goes on behind the scenes for this relatively new Instagrammer. I’m still getting the hang of food photography, so I welcome any and all advice!








Do you post food photos on Instagram?


Any tips for capturing the subject efficiently before digging in?


When blogging, do you put your Instagram photos in your posts?








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  1. I am the same – i can’t let anyone touch the food till i’ve gotten a snap! I think that if you’re already making your friends wait, then you’re on the right track haha.
    That sprinkled ice cream dessert looks sooo good.

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