‘And there you are, happy landing on a chocolate bar’

Shirley Temple might have been referring to an airplane when she sang about the Good Ship Lollipop, but to me the local (and locally renowned!) sweet shop in all its holiday glory is the real mothership of all that is good and chocolate.


Deborah Ann's Sweet Shoppe
In the holiday spirit



It’s called Deborah Ann’s Sweet Shoppe, and they really get into the holiday spirit that I’ve waxed poetic about.





Which way to the North Pole?
Which way to the North Pole?




I’ve been known to have some candy cane ice cream in December just because, well…who could resist? (I’m also one of those crazies who drinks iced coffee when it’s below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, and considers it a bonus that the ice doesn’t melt!)






Chocolate is a great gift for ANY occasion
Chocolate is a great gift for ANY occasion



No matter the recipient’s mood or lifestyle, you’ll find something here that suits.






So now you know where to go to satisfy any craving for candy or chocolate! The best part – almost all the chocolates made on premises are gluten-free, as is the vast majority of the penny candy, and the owners and employees are super helpful about letting you know which treats are best if you have other allergies.

Sage parting words of wisdom
Sage parting words of wisdom





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